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Apply to Speak

Apply to Speak

We pride ourselves on putting the leading voices from the Car Body Finishing industry on stage at our next SURCAR SHANGHAI CONGRESS!

Speaking at SURCAR helps you to :

  • Participate in essential debates on the Future of your Industry
  • Get in Touch with the Target Audience: your golden chance to assess the audience and get your brand message out, help more and more people understand what you are offering and how you can help them
  • Network With Industry Peers: Connect to all the stakeholders from Asia, America and Europe at one time, in one place and strengthen your relationships.
  • Raise Your Organization’s Profile: promote your company’s success and leadership in Car Body Finishing sector

Please note a few guidelines before completing the Call-For-Papers Form to apply to speak at SURCAR congresses 2024:

Who is eligible?

SURCAR is where experts meet and exchange on car body finishing (manufacturing, assembly, surface treatment and coating). If you and your team have had recent key technological developments, new results, improved and innovative techniques in terms of cost-saving, flexible processes, productivity and sustainability then SURCAR is for you! Speakers comprise of top international car manufacturers and suppliers as well as recognized research institutions.

How are the Papers selected?

Papers are evaluated and assembled by a high-level International Committee composed of major OEMs and suppliers. Using the information in the form you will have filled in, they will assess its industrial relevance and contribution to the Industry.
It is therefore crucial for your form to be filled in with key details in each section. Focus will be on tests results, figures, applicability and benefits.

There are no pay-to-play speaking opportunities.

The committee reminds speakers the presentations should be technical, please avoid purely commercial presentations as there will likely be declined.

Preference will be given to detailed Technical papers on:

  • Joint presentations between the OEM and Supplier
  • First-hand presentation
  • Real life Paintshop experience sharing
  • Focus on Technical innovation
  • Follow-up from previous SURCAR Congress presentations
  • Interesting papers refused because of agenda at previous events

Submission Deadline: December 22th, 2023.

Fill in the Form below to download the Call for Papers.