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The Dürr Group is one of the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with particular expertise in the technology fields of automation, digitalization, and energy efficiency. Its products, systems, and services enable highly efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes – mainly in the automotive industry and for producers of furniture and timber houses, but also in sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medical devices, electrical engineering, and battery production. In 2023, the company generated sales of €4.6 billion. The Dürr Group has over 20,500 employees and 142 business locations in 32 countries, and it operates in the market with five divisions:

  • Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paint shops as well as final assembly, testing, and filling technology for the automotive industry
  • Application Technology: robots and products for the automated application of paint, sealants, and adhesives
  • Clean Technology Systems: air pollution control, coating systems for battery electrodes, and noise abatement systems
  • Industrial Automation Systems: automated assembly and test systems for automotive components, medical devices, and consumer goods as well as balancing and diagnostic technology
  • Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry









As a specialist for innovative lighting technology OLIGO surface controls develop visual and digital inspection systems for scientifically precise color-matching and surface control measurements. These systems allow durable and repetitious accuracy, hence quality management, leading to a noticeable increase in quality standards within the production process. Thousands of our systems in use throughout the world. We are one of the leading international supplier of optical quality control systems. 

All you need is the correct lighting technology to make visible defaults in shape, structure and consistency of product surfaces. Our surface controls optics capable of detecting even the most inconspicuous faults are available in a range of models for various surfaces and properties – for polymers, tin, aluminium, painted surfaces, glass or film, mat or high-gloss. 

Measuring and inspection applications made by OLIGO surface controls help to discover deviations in quality at an early stage, thus minimizing the follow-up costs and ensuring market penetration. 

The newest Technology from Oligo surface controls and TÜV Rheinland: 

Fully automated surface inspection supported by artificial intelligence 

The adomea scanner is redefining the possible in terms of automotive quality control and is setting new standards in the field of surface inspection. The adomea scanner based on artificial intelligence (AI) is being implemented within production processes for the fully automated inspection of car body surfaces. 

Essentially, the adomea scanner is an LED tunnel consisting of a large number of individually controllable LEDs. These LEDs generate light patterns in different colors, which are reflected by the surface of the vehicle. The tunnel is equipped with 20 high-resolution cameras. During the scanning process – which takes just 45 seconds – the adomea scanner captures precise measurement signals which it uses to analyze the car body surface. Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), the scanner is then able to automatically detect, classify, and assess any damage. 

The automated assessment of the information obtained by the scan can be generated in various ways. Surface defects can be displayed as a 3D model or clearly summarized in the form of a final report. 

Overall, the adomea scanner provides innovative quality control with a high degree of automation. It allows measurements to be taken quickly and can also be trained to identify specific types of damage. Further, those using the scanner can define their own threshold values. These are the values above which damage will be recorded and assessed. This allows potential defects to be detected early on and helps eliminate production faults. 

In contrast to conventional systems, the adomea scanner not only uses high-resolution images, but combines these with the information from color images, surface reflectivity, and surface curvature to produce a uniquely detailed assessment using artificial intelligence (AI). 

Thus, a perfect lighting technology combined with intelligent control systems contributes to optimizing production quality. 





Unkel Group today is a very successful and well-known trading organization in China and SE Asia with a professional sales force and a reputation for reliability and honesty. Local Laboratory & After-sales Service dept. have been set up in all offices to make certain that “what we sell will operate well”.

Our customers like to trade with Unkel, knowing that they will receive high-quality original products at fair prices, whilst our principals appreciate that we provide them excellent points-of-sale for their products, mostly from local stocks .

Any supplier who joins with Unkel will soon realize that they are involved with a great number of qualified and reliable people who are close to their customers and respected by them for their knowledge, diligence and honesty and reliability.



3M has over 25 years of robotics experience working across industries all around the world. 3M’s experienced application engineers have access to a global network of manufacturers, system integrators and robotics experts to help ensure your operation’s success. 3M brings extensive abrasives process knowledge to your operations, and we know how to translate that knowledge into an automation system that helps you improve your manufacturing process.

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